Indeed, and this applies to the non-investor, non-entrepreneur who are critical of the "bad evil rich" not understanding the 10:1 fail/success ratio.

For the rest, this is a area where I am still stumbling through rough drafts and investigations. On that point you mention something that strikes me as odd:

"Should I be outraged that they don’t pay a dividend? Absolutely not. They have grown revenues at a 41% CAGR over the last five years while their shares have increased 800% over that same period."

Sure, and good for you BUT:

How does the market justify an 800% rise in share value from 41% growth? This is part of the problem I am "hinting" at but still trying to get a handle on many of the subtleties.

I have a very rough draft article that contains some of these ideas, written in my AngryAndrew pen name which is abrasive to say the least, nevertheless trying to explore the issues.

While the article is much about misplaced "blame" (rich/poor) things may be over simplified. Despite that It's still long, though I made an attempt at being entertaining. Hopefully nothing is "really incorrect"... I'm working on a refined version for future publication.

The reality is very few people really understand financial markets beyond what they learned from Oliver Stone's film "WallStreet".


Color-Obsessed Researcher, Investigative Journalist & Columnist, Hollywood Actor, Filmmaker, & 3x Emmy® Winner, and Itinerant Technology Evangelist

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