This is not my original idea, but from author Theodore Sturgeon, who spoke at a writing conference I attended circa 1983 — I never forgot the story.


Theodore received a frantic phone call from the wife of a writer he knew. She explained he was suicidal and stuck on page 20 of a screenplay for an hour long drama (normally 45 pages) and had a deadline looming and was paralized.

Theodore asked "does he know how it ends?" "yes" she said. Theodore told her "okay, tell him to take page 20 out of the typewriter, and insert a fresh…

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Thanks Medium. Not.

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There are two kinds of climate deniers. Those that deny there is a problem, and those that deny the best way to fix it.

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Anthropogenic climate change is a thing. Human industrial and transportation activities produce more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than the environment is capable of absorbing, resulting in the global warming effect. If you haven’t heard of this, do a search on that “Google” thingy.


The best immediate step toward a practical solution is to move all electric production to non-CO2 generating sources such as nuclear. While nuclear is more expensive than coal or natural gas, it is far cheaper in terms of practical operation than solar or wind, not to mention nuclear…

There Are More Rules than the Golden Rule to Consider

Gold is not the most precious of metals, and the “golden rule” may not be the penultimate rule to guide us, either. The golden rule is helpful in a vacuum, where we know nothing of the other person. But in reality, there are a set of rules above and beneath the golden rule, that can instruct us.

Here the list is Iron, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum, Plutonium, with each in turn adding to the others.


Iron — Image by TanteTati from Pixabay

The IRON Rule

Do not do unto others what you would not have done unto you.

You may find yourself to have an enemy. How you treat your enemies is a direct reflection upon yourself. …

We can see Bernie Sanders in the Whitehouse — Here’s why it is imperative that we work together to make that happen.

This attractive house has Bernie’s name on it. Photo by Don Shin

A Dying Nation Without Health Care

On a Facebook political forum, I was reading the shocking stories of what people still have to go though regarding healthcare — even with good jobs. The financial strife and constant hurdles we face due to our dysfuctional healthcare system has convinced me now more than ever, we have to elect Bernie. If we fail to do that, our entire nation and way of life will be gone.

I am GenX¹, and I can tell you I remember how much better things were before the 80’s trojan horse president (aka Ronald Reagan). Things were better for the rich, for the…

Anti-vaccine fear-mongering chicken-littles are the near the pinnacle of the “Entitled Idiot with Cognitive Inflexibility” group of humans.

- An AngryAndrew Official Rant -

Idiots On Parade

Recently, one of these anti-vaxholes claimed I just “didn’t understand the complexity of vaccines, and they are bad, ‘cuz they have like, mercury and stuff”… Riiiight, so apparently they are bad because they have “scary sounding ingredients.”??!! LOL. I understand the complexity of the matter far better than this anti-vaxhole does, and I wrote a lengthy response, modified and embellished a bit below.

Dramatic recreation of anti-vaxxers. Or idiots. Who can tell?

Some have asked me why I devote time to writing these lengthy responses to people who probably will never “get it.” Well first, I am probably suffering from some sort of…

This is My Clump of Descriptive Textural Info-Data that Supposedly Defines Me as a Person. Also Known as a “Profile.”

This month we allowed AngryAndrew™ to write a post for our peaceful Cerulean Sphere. Don’t worry, we told him to behave … and he does have a relevant point or two.

Guest Writer: AngryAndrew™

This article is just a little bit of scratching-my-name upon the ever-wet concrete of the Virtual Sidewalk of our modern “NetWorld.” A stream of consciousness reporting (if consciousness is even a thing) here in my never-questing-end to find some little bit of immortality...

…Or is it something else I’m actually looking for?

The Inspiration:

I saw an old-school physical version yesterday, in downtown Los Angeles under an old bridge. There scrawled…

A New, New Testament of the Bible, which is also known as “Lucifer is a Clever Little Devil, Isn’t He.”

1. Tablet Writings of the Ancients

Upon the ground AngryAndrew discovered the “Tablet of Eypad” which held the secrets as yet unveiled. AngryAndrew touched the Tablet of Eypad so that he could read it, and it was good. And it shone a light upon the darkness of the ignorant, that they may see.

2. Luis Cypher, Just Say-Tan with the Plan

Lucifer, or Louie as his friends call him, is known as the DEVIL or SATAN. He is quite prominent in the bible, and in fact far more than it seems. Why? Lucifer actually wrote the Old Testament himself. The “God” spoken of in the Old Testament is actually Lucifer. Lucifer wrote it, so…


Shouldn’t a Free Society Have More Choices?

Henry Ford once said that customers could buy a Model T “in any color so long as it was black.Black was the only color the Model T came in from 1914 through 1925. Thus at that time there was essentially just one model of car, in only one color. But of course customers eventually demanded more choices of model and of color.

Today we have more choices for car color than we have choices for our national leadership. Yet our national politicians very directly affect our quality of life. Our two party system gives us little choice, other than…

Andrew Somers

Color-Obsessed Researcher, Investigative Journalist & Columnist, Hollywood Actor, Filmmaker, & 3x Emmy® Winner, and Itinerant Technology Evangelist

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